Crazy for suCCess 2019

Technology Days | Supplier Award

Campinas (BR), Suzhou (CN), Plymouth (US), San Luis Potosi (MX), Abstatt (DE), Reutlingen (DE)


The involvement of our suppliers in the product development process is essential when coping with the challenging transformation of our industry.

We want to bring CC specific technology players together in one event to induce creative and solution oriented discussions. Therefore, the Business Unit "Chassis Systems Control" of the Bosch Business Sector Mobility Solutions (BBM) will continue its 2015 started event series "Crazy for suCCess ‐ Technology Days".

This year we have planned nine events with external business partners to support actual and future challenges of Chassis Systems Control (CC).

The series 2019 summits with the hand‐over of the "Crazy for suCCess ‐ Award" to the most valuable and loyal Chassis Systems Control suppliers.

Gerhard Steiger

Gerhard Steiger

President Chassis Systems Control

Charlotte Zeile

Charlotte Zeile

Senior Vice President Purchasing

Crazy for suCCess 2017 - Technology Days

The "Crazy for SuCCess ‐ Technology Days" are one‐day events focusing on a certain challenge of Chassis Systems Control.

We invite our most important suppliers that are working on a specific project and foster solution oriented discussions with the BOSCH purchasing and engineering team and management.

Furthermore, all participants will get exclusive insights to our current product portfolio and business strategy in order to detect new cooperation opportunities with BOSCH.

Crazy for suCCess 2018 - Technology Days

In spring 2020 the president of the Business Unit Chassis Systems Control will hand over the "Crazy of success – Supplier Award" to the five most valuable and loyal suppliers within Chassis Systems Control at the BOSCH Plant Suzhou. Besides the award itself, also the framework program gives cause for rejoicing. The participants will have the chance to visit the production areas of the Suzhou Plant and get into discussion with CC’s top management.